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21 Karat Gold Rate in Pakistan

Price of 21 Karat Gold

21 Karat Gold Rate (1 Gram)

Rs. 19055

21 Karat Gold Rate (1 Tola)

Rs. 222250

21 Karat Gold Rate (1 Ounce)

Rs. 540199

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What Is 21k Purity Gold?

21k purity gold is a type of gold that contains 87.5% pure gold, which is also known as 875 parts per thousand. This means that for every 1000 parts in the gold alloy, there are 875 parts of pure gold and the remaining 125 parts consist of other metals such as silver, copper, and zinc.

21k purity gold is commonly used in jewelry making and is considered a high-quality type of gold due to its high percentage of pure gold. It is also known as 875 gold or 21-carat gold, with the term “carat” being used to measure the purity of gold.

Properties and Uses of 21k Purity Gold

Apart from being highly valued for its purity, 21k purity gold has several other properties that make it a popular choice for jewelry making and investment purposes. Some of these properties include:

Due to its high percentage of pure gold, 21k purity gold is less prone to tarnishing or corrosion compared to lower purity gold alloys. This makes it a durable option for everyday wear.
The addition of other metals in the gold alloy makes it more malleable and easier to work with, allowing jewelers to create intricate designs and details.
21k purity gold has a slightly yellowish hue that is considered favorable for jewelry making. It also tends to have a richer color than lower purity gold alloys.
Pure gold is a hypoallergenic metal, meaning it is unlikely to cause any allergic reactions. This makes 21k purity gold a safe option for those with sensitive skin.
As mentioned earlier, 21k purity gold is considered a high-quality type of gold and is valued accordingly. It holds its value well and can be a good investment option.

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Why 21 Karat Gold Is Considered A Good Investment?

Investing in gold is a common practice, and 21k purity gold is often considered a good option for investment purposes. Here are some reasons:

High Purity:

With 87.5% pure gold, 21k purity gold has a high percentage of pure gold compared to lower purity alloys. This makes it a valuable and desirable form of investment.


Gold is often seen as a safe-haven asset and can provide diversification to investment portfolios. 21k purity gold, in particular, offers a balance between purity and affordability, making it an attractive option for investors.


Gold is a highly liquid asset, meaning it can easily be bought or sold in the market. This makes 21k purity gold a convenient investment option that can be easily converted to cash if needed.

Market Demand:

The demand for gold, especially in the form of jewelry, remains high across different cultures and countries. This creates a steady market for 21k purity gold and can potentially result in good returns on investment.

Consumer Tips To Buy Or Sell 21 Karat Gold:

If you are considering buying or selling 21k purity gold, here are some consumer tips to keep in mind:
  • Research the current market price of gold: The value of gold can fluctuate daily based on various economic factors. It is important to research and understand the current market price before making any transactions.
  • Verify the purity level: To ensure that you are getting what you are paying for, it is important to verify the purity level of 21k purity gold through a trusted jeweler or testing method.
  • Consider making purchases from reputable sources: It is recommended to buy 21k purity gold from reputable and trusted sources to avoid scams or fake products.
  • Keep proper documentation: If you are buying or selling 21k purity gold for investment purposes, it is important to keep proper documentation of the transaction and any accompanying certifications. This can help with potential future resale or insurance claims.
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Today Gold Prices in Major Cities of Pakistan

1 Tola (24Carat)
10 Gram (24Carat)
1 Gram (24Carat)
Rs. 254100
Rs. 217853.5
Rs. 21785.35
Rs. 254150
Rs. 217896.4
Rs. 21789.64
Rs. 254200
Rs. 217939.3
Rs. 21793.93
Rs. 254250
Rs. 217982.1
Rs. 21798.21
Rs. 254300
Rs. 218025
Rs. 21802.5
What Are The Different Karat Levels Of Gold?

Differences Between 21k Purity Gold and Other Purity Levels

While 21k purity gold is highly valued, it is not the only option for gold jewelry or investment. Here are some of the key differences between 21k purity gold and other purity levels:
  • 24k (or 999) gold: This is considered the purest form of gold with 99.9% pure gold. However, it is too soft to be used in jewelry making and is mostly used for investment purposes.
  • 22k (or 916) gold: This contains 91.6% pure gold and is commonly used in Asian countries for both jewelry making and investment.
  • 18k (or 750) gold: This contains 75% pure gold and is a popular choice for jewelry making, especially in Western countries.
  • 14k (or 585) gold: This contains 58.5% pure gold and is often used in affordable mass-produced jewelry pieces.
It is necessary to note that the higher the karat level, the more valuable and expensive the piece of jewelry or bullion will be, as it contains a higher percentage of pure gold.
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