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Today Gold Rate In Pakistan - March 22, 2024 

Today Gold Rate In Pakistan – March 07, 2024 

Today Gold Rate In Pakistan March 07, 2024, gold rate for a single tola of 24-karat gold stood at Rs. 223,850 while the price for 10 grams was recorded at Rs. 191,920 in the local bullion market. 

In the International gold market, the price of gold metal hovers at $2,156 per ounce On Thursday.

Our gold rates are regularly reviewed and closely examined for accuracy. We offer full information on gold prices per ounce, tola, kilogram, and for several purities, such as 24k, 22k, 21k, 18k, and 12k.

The Gold Price in Pakistan are taken from the Gold Market in Karachi or Multan, which are considered to be major hubs for gold trading in the country. These rates are known to change at least twice daily, making it essential for investors and buyers to stay updated on the latest fluctuations. 

Today Price of Gold in Pakistan

Gold Rate
24 K
22 K
21 K
18 K
12 K
per tola Gold Price
Rs. 254450.00
Rs. 233244
Rs. 222644
Rs. 190838
Rs. 127225
10 Gram Gold Price
Rs. 218150.00
Rs. 199969
Rs. 190881
Rs. 163613
Rs. 109075
per Gram Gold Price
Rs. 21815.00
Rs. 19997
Rs. 19088
Rs. 16361
Rs. 10908
per Ounce Gold Price
Rs. 618450.00
Rs. 566908
Rs. 541144
Rs. 463838
Rs. 309225

Today Gold Prices in Major Cities of Pakistan

1 Tola (24Carat)
10 Gram (24Carat)
1 Gram (24Carat)
Rs. 254550
Rs. 218239.3
Rs. 21823.93
Rs. 254600
Rs. 218282.2
Rs. 21828.22
Rs. 254650
Rs. 218325.1
Rs. 21832.51
Rs. 254700
Rs. 218367.9
Rs. 21836.79
Rs. 254750
Rs. 218410.8
Rs. 21841.08

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