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Today Gold Rate In Pakistan - January 25, 2024 

Today Gold Rate In Pakistan – November 6, 2023

Right Now, it is mentioning that the current rate of 22-karat gold in Pakistan has reached Rs196,167 per tola While 10 grams of 22-karat gold are priced at Rs168,182.

It is essential to keep in mind that these rates are subject to multiple fluctuations throughout the day due to global market trends.

The fluctuation in gold prices can be linked to the current state of the US dollar, showcasing the correlation between currency values and gold rates. This information has been reported mainly from Karachi and Multan, further emphasizing the influence of global market trends on the local gold market in Pakistan.

It’s essential to note that gold rates in Pakistan can fluctuate multiple times during the day in response to global market trends. Overall, staying informed and monitoring market trends can help individuals make better decisions when it comes to buying or selling gold in Pakistan.

Today Price of Gold in Pakistan

Gold Rate
24 K
22 K
21 K
18 K
12 K
per tola Gold Price
Rs. 254000.00
Rs. 232832
Rs. 222250
Rs. 190500
Rs. 127000
10 Gram Gold Price
Rs. 217770.00
Rs. 199621
Rs. 190549
Rs. 163328
Rs. 108885
per Gram Gold Price
Rs. 21777.00
Rs. 19962
Rs. 19055
Rs. 16333
Rs. 10889
per Ounce Gold Price
Rs. 617370.00
Rs. 565918
Rs. 540199
Rs. 463028
Rs. 308685

Today Gold Prices in Major Cities of Pakistan

1 Tola (24Carat)
10 Gram (24Carat)
1 Gram (24Carat)
Rs. 254100
Rs. 217853.5
Rs. 21785.35
Rs. 254150
Rs. 217896.4
Rs. 21789.64
Rs. 254200
Rs. 217939.3
Rs. 21793.93
Rs. 254250
Rs. 217982.1
Rs. 21798.21
Rs. 254300
Rs. 218025
Rs. 21802.5

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